Kaluga sturgeon caviar

The Art of Caviar



Caviar & Charcuterie Boards and Boxes in Los Angeles

CAVIART Concierge Catering is an exclusive caviar delivery service where we create a comprehensive caviar experience by combining sophisticated gustatory scents with aesthetics. Currently we provide caviar catering in Greater Los Angeles.



Our goal is to provide the highest grade caviar on the US market to satisfy and diversify our customers'
hedonistic gourmet experience

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Very impressed with the quality, texture and flavor of this black caviar. It melts in your mouth like butter and it is less salty than most other brands.

Aaron Berger

As a real caviar aficionado who doesn’t need baguette or crepes to eat black caviar I have been getting it from Caviart for many years now and they never ever let me down- if I was younger I would definitely make a tik tok of it

Shanna L

Amazing caviar, fair price, available stock, easy and fast! Got contact from a friend and very happy!

Artem Nanushyan

Best caviar and best service. The only caviar company I turn to for my elite clientele.

Mychael Chang, Celebrity Chef

Packaging was great. I ordered 2 types and they were all great and of high quality. Will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Algis Gulbinas