Art of Caviar

The art of caviar making is a delicate process that produces one of the most prized and luxurious foods in the culinary world. Caviar is an exclusive fish roe extracted only from the highest quality sturgeon. The intricate process of farming and cultivating sturgeon roe requires careful attention to detail and a passion for crafting top-quality delicacies. Like painters and sculptors, it is also essential for caviar farmers to gather high-quality resources to produce their signature work.

The extravagance of caviar is mainly due to the rarity of sturgeon. Sturgeons are referred to as primitive fish, and they are one of the most ancient species of fish tracing back to the early Triassic Period. The long history of these predators has made their roe famous across different periods and all over the world, from Ancient Greece to medieval Europe, Persia, Russia, and The United States. Some cultures, such as Native American culture, consider sturgeon a sacred and mysterious fish. In aboriginal spirituality, the sturgeon was treated as an important offering in ceremonies, linking it with spiritual and religious practices.

At CAVIART, we craft caviar from the two most renowned and sought-out Sturgeon species; Diamond Osetra (aka the Russian Sturgeon) and Kaluga. The Russian Osetra is well regarded in the caviar community and is known for its classic taste. It’s very versatile, and can be eaten alone or added as a garnish on dishes. Either way, the classy taste and texture of this caviar will elevate your palate.

Kaluga Sturgeon caviar is made from the biggest species of sturgeon and is the freshwater sister of the famous Beluga Sturgeon. Kaluga sturgeon caviar is perfect for caviar aficionados since it has a smooth, delicate, buttery flavor. It is also slightly deep brown or golden in hue, making it visual as well as culinary art. 

The process of crafting these two types of caviar is an intricate and capital-intensive process. Mastery of art is necessary to produce the highest quality caviar, which takes years of service and patience to perfect. In fact, the average sturgeon takes anywhere between 7-10 years to mature for its eggs to be ready to be harvested, with some sturgeon species requiring 15 years. Caviar is highly regarded not only due to the sturgeon's rarity but also because of the love, patience, time, and money that is needed to farm the sturgeon. 

Ethical farming is a cornerstone of our practices and we source our caviar from an aquafarm based in the clear river of Amur. 

The art of sustainable farming prevents sturgeon from reaching extinction allowing generations to continue tasting the connoisseur’s treat that is caviar.
To ensure we produce the finest caviar, we have thorough, regular inspections during several stages of captivating and packing. We vet all our caviar routinely to provide the highest quality confidently. Our caviar is pure sturgeon roe and free of any preservatives. With instant air delivery, we ensure that the journey the caviar takes from the farm to your table is as short as possible, providing you with only the freshest caviar.