We offer a range of exclusive services to cater to your specific needs.

  1. Custom Branded Labels for Events and Weddings.

    Make your special occasion truly unforgettable with our custom branded labels. We provide the opportunity to personalize your caviar jars with event or wedding logos, monograms, or designs that reflect your style and theme. Create an elegant and exclusive experience for your guests that they will cherish forever.

  2. Private Branding for Chefs. 

    If you are a chef looking to establish your own private brand of caviar, we are here to help. You a welcome to collaborate with us and create a unique caviar line under your own brand name. From selecting the finest caviar to designing the packaging, we work closely with you to ensure that your private brand represents your culinary expertise and meets the highest standards of quality.

  3. Catering Companies and Event Planners.

    Create an unforgettable dining experiences without compromising your budget. Our team provides personalized service, helping you select the perfect caviar to align with your menu and guest preferences. Elevate your services with the finest caviar, indulge clients with exquisite flavors. Partner with us today for remarkable events.

  4. Influencer Collaboration.

    Create a one-of-a-kind experience for your audience. We offer a collaborative approach to developing unique products that will captivate your followers. By partnering with us, you can create a product that your audience will eagerly seek and treasure.

We have special prices for professional chefs, food service providers and restaurants.
Contact us at caviardeliveryus@gmail.com to set up a wholesale or professional account.