CAVIART Boards & Boxes 

What is essential for you once you want to celebrate a special event? Your guests will appreciate bright and intense emotions combined with the new experience. A feast is an essential element of any celebration. Its exquisite taste combined with sophisticated aesthetics will instantly create the desired atmosphere. We will help you make the WOW-effect that will impress and please even the most sophisticated epicure.

We have developed a new service called CAVIART Concierge: Boards & Boxes Delivery.

It is an exclusive caviar delivery service, which includes presentation design from our Chef. We create a comprehensive caviar experience by combining sophisticated gustatory scents of Caviar with the aesthetics.

According to the character and style of your event, you may choose among two service variations:

  • Classic Caviart Board – traditional caviar layout, which includes all the essential components: highest grade Sturgeon caviar, French blinis, crostini, crème fraiche, olives & capers tapenade, onions, cornichons, cream cheese, sour cream, and eggs. This layout variant is perfect for those who only start to familiarize themselves with the scents or Caviar and those who prefer traditional classic course layouts.

  • Hedonism Caviart Board – this layout includes three types of Caviar: Sturgeon, Salmon, Pike Roes, served with Burrata cheese, Smoked Salmon, Avocado mousse, a few types of crusts and bread, French butter and crème fraiche. This layout is perfect for ultimately sophisticated appreciators of Caviar.

Each layout is available in different sizes according to the expected amount of guests:

Individual Caviar boxes (minimum order 4)
Small Board for 4-6 people
Medium Board for 7-9 people
Large Board for 11 - 13 people

Our customers recognize and genuinely appreciate the high-end quality of service and product.

If you are looking for a way to impress and fascinate your guests, look no more! Our team will be pleased and honored to adorn your celebration.

Currently we provide caviar catering in Greater Los Angeles.


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