is a young and ambitious brand building its unique way on the American
market. Founded by a Ukrainian-American woman
and operated in Los Angeles since 2017.

Our goal is to provide the highest grade caviar on the US market to satisfy and diversify our customers'
hedonistic gourmet experience.


as a concept is the ultimate embodiment of Hedonism in its essential meaning. According to our vision, food is one of the most powerful tools that allow enjoying life and getting the most of it. We build the sophisticated Epicurean atmosphere through our concept to turn life itself into state of the art.

Our customers are those who have already comprehended those
concepts and managed to materialize them, living the best possible
version of their lives. Inspired by the Universe, its endless dimensions
and facets become ultimate appreciators and collectors of
new impressions and experiences.

The Russian Osetra is well regarded in the caviar community and is known for its classic taste. It’s very versatile, and can be eaten alone or added as a garnish on dishes. Either way, the classy taste and texture of this caviar will elevate your palate. Kaluga Sturgeon caviar is made from the biggest species of sturgeon and is the freshwater sister of the famous Beluga Sturgeon. Kaluga sturgeon caviar is perfect for caviar aficionados since it has a smooth, delicate, buttery flavor. It is also slightly deep brown or golden in hue, making it visual as well as culinary art.

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