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Tasting Caviar is an exquisite gourmet experience. Imagine each caviar egg gently bursting in your mouth, pouring its creamy refined nectar with an incomparable taste. 

This taste is the perfect balance of light nutty notes dissolved in a creamy texture of the product. 

Caviar appreciators all over the world agree that it is not just a portion of food. Kaluga Caviar is a gastronomic experience, a gourmet adventure that stands next to nothing.

Those truly precious black diamonds, crown the world’s most delicate dishes served in the hi-end locations of the culinary universe. World-famous chefs and amateur gourmet enthusiasts turn their dishes into culinary masterpieces with this sacred ingredient.

Caviar is an integral attribute of celebration feasts for the most significant achievements and events in life. It also becomes a perfect addition for the most precious moments for loving hearts who wish to celebrate their union and create lifetime memories.

Caviar helps you instantly turn any moment into a special occasion.

Imagine light gleaming in crystal glasses with bubbling champagne, shiny surfaces of gold and silver dishes, mother of pearl and clear ice. Add smooth music sounds, the atmosphere of relaxed conversation while overlooking the skyline of the world’s most thrilling locations. It is precisely the universe where your unforgettable experience of caviar tasting will exist, creating lifetime memories and impressions.

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